Citizens of non-European countries.

Visas and authorizations.

We want to help you through the entire process. On this page you will find all the information you need to live in Portugal while studying at ISPGAYA.


Prepare yourself before traveling

::Before arrival

Students from non-European Union countries

Before leaving for Portugal, you should bear in mind that to study in this country, a study visa is required, which can be obtained from the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin (the tourist visa is not useful for those who have a longer stay to 90 days).

Necessary documents

  • Application in its own model;
  • Passport (valid for at least 3 more months beyond the time scheduled for the return);
  • Three passport photos;
  • Criminal record certificate;
  • Medical certificate or health insurance;
  • Proof of accommodation conditions in Portugal;
  • Proof of the existence of means of subsistence in Portugal;
  • Proof of admission issued by ISPGAYA.

Note: The application for a study visa must be made at least three months in advance of the expected date of arrival in Portugal. In case of doubt about the visa application, it is possible to consult the website of the Foreigners and Borders Service..

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These here! And now?

::After arrival

Loja do Cidadão

The Loja do Cidadão is the gateway to Portugal. It is the place where you will find several useful services as a citizen.

Documents required to obtain Residence Permit:

  • Temporary residency application form (available on the SEF website);
  • Residence visa for study;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Proof of subsistence conditions;
  • Proof of residence in Portugal;
  • Request for criminal consultation by the SEF;
  • Proof of enrollment at ISPGAYA;
  • Health insurance or the PB4 document (in the case of Brazilian citizens).

Attention: The temporary residence permit is requested within a maximum period of 90 days. If you don't, you will be illegally staying in the country, and you will still have to pay a fine. More information:

To identify yourself with the tax authorities, you need to have a Tax Identification Number (NIF). This number is also used to open a bank account, for example, and to pay for your goods and services (internet, telephone, etc.).

The NIF request is free of charge and will be assigned to you immediately. Just go to the Finance Service of Loja do Cidadão.

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