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ISPGAYA, located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, is a higher polytechnic institute, this is where your future can begin. Here you will develop new knowledges, new skills and live through new experiences.

At ISPGAYA you will be able to achieve the professional future you dream of and idealize so much, no matter what your area of expertise may be.

Changes, adaptation, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, are the principles of the ISPGAYA student's journey.

The relationships with companies and organizations associated with the institute, allow permanent contact with different people and professional realities. We believe that this is the way to prepare you for the job market and become an exemplar professional.

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With our undergraduate courses you will acquire great academic knowledge and huge preparation to become a highly qualified professional.

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Our CTeSP are focused on a very practical teaching aspect, with guaranteed internship and the possibility of progression to one of our degrees without exams.


Our masters provide the knowledge and tools necessary to always be one step ahead in a constantly changing world.

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::International Students

Find everything you need to start your journey at ISPGAYA in our student guides. Explore our high quality courses, entry requirements, student support and more.

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