Candidates Resident in the European Union and Rest of the World

Become a highly qualified professional


Students from outside Europe who demonstrate that they are eligible for entry into higher education, understood as any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority that attests to the approval of a teaching program and grants them the right to apply and be able to enter higher education in the country in which it was awarded and who have obtained a positive classification in the final exams of secondary education considered to be of a level and content equivalent to those provided by students admitted through the general regime of access and admission that are considered homologous to the entrance tests established for the cycle of studies in question, including the respective classification obtained in these tests.

Very practical teaching and guaranteed internship


To apply for a CTeSP, you need an academic qualification at the level of secondary education, recognized by a Portuguese secondary school. It is also important to demonstrate a current level of knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Always be one step ahead


To apply for a master's degree it is necessary to hold a foreign higher academic degree equivalent to the 1st cycle of Portuguese higher education.